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I don't know if it is my doctor or what but i am stressed and wish i knew what was wrong. Started a month ago with neck pain cant turn my neck to right and had arm numbness and pins and needles in my hand. The doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen 800mg which did nothing for me. they sent me for an Mri of my neck and i have Bone degenerative discs in my neck. I came back a week later to the doctor not being able to bend down on my right side my knee hurt very bad i had pins and needles in my feet and numbness in my leg. They put me on "mobic" the generic name for pain it's taken once a day, doc also sent me to go to physical therapy. My back hurts on my right side my shoulder blade now constantly i am in very bad pain had an Mri of my "brain" the doctor wanted done. Results came back that i need Nasonex cause of mucus :confused: and my white blood count is a little low with all the bloodwork that was done that's all. The physical therapist thinks i might have Scoliosis.

Where do i go from here, my neck hurts in the morning and my right shoulder blade is hurting very very bad as i speak. I get pins and needles at times in my hand and foot. I do all the exercises the Pt wants me to do. What doc do i see now for scoliosis etc? They Pt said maybe orthepedic or my regular doctor to see if i have scoliosis caust the Pt really thinks i have it, but who can help me with this pain? I have 2 kids to take care of i am tired all the time and in bad pain. The receptionist isnt very nice either when i call my regular doc. The doc i do see said to contact a neurosurgeon if Pt doesnt work, but i have 45 days a year i can get Pt and it's not helping so far at least with my right shoulderblade.

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