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I am hoping someone can help me by there own experience or knowledge.

About 5 months ago I had a large dizzy spell and since then I have had a foggy head constantely. This does effect by concentration / memory.

I have had a sore neck for the last year or so and got a Cervical Spine Xray. It said I had a scoliosis concave and a shallow kyphosis replaces the normal cervical lordosis on the c4 level. Summary: A mild cervical deformity suggesting muscle spasm.

Would this be enough to give me the dizzy spell and foggy head all the time - espically when I am sitting at the computer?

I have had 15 accupuncture treatments and been to an osteopath 4 times - but nothing has worked. I am at a physio currently trying to find a cure.

Could anyone shed any light on what they think please?
You are not alone, I have been suffering with similar symptoms for the past five years. Within the last year my memory and my thoughts seem clouded. I feel unproductive and then the pain from my neck just adds even more insult to injury. I just had an MRI of my c-spine, and my brain done, no results yet. Have you had an MRI? Do you ever feel numbness in your arms or legs?

thanks for your thoughts. I had a CT brain of my brain and that came back ok. They thought that it could be labyrithitis as my CT of my inner ear came back with right sided mastoiditis.

My foggy head is worse when I am at the computer or sitting which would suggest the problem is my neck?

I don'tget numbness in my limbs and when I play sport my neck seems to be ok as well does the foggy head. Is this similar to yourself?

Have you been to physio - if so what did they tell you and did your symptoms improve?
I am kind of the same way, when I am more active the pass is less, but when I am sitting at the computer the pain is severe and my head gets foggy as well. I haven't been to the physio but I do have an appointment with a pain management doctor this upcoming week. I hope they figure out whats causing so much discomfort. If you can afford to, and if your doctor agrees, you should try a an MRI, they can see things that most x-rays, and cscans miss.
hi thanks for your reply.

I did have a mri previously that I found the results for. it said I had a small disc protusion touching the left c6 nerve root.

also the doctor said I had a nasal septal deviation and i should have it operated on.

Basically which of these symptoms is causing the foggy head?

the neck or the nasal septal deviation?

they could not tell me whcih one it was for sure?

any thoughts.

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