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FIONA!!!! I was just thinking of you the other day....Thanks for your reply and please post on how you are doing. I have missed you!

What I had done just to clarify is a Posterior Cervical Foaminotomy and Laminotmoy. I think I mistakenly called it a lamiectomy at one tiem.

I did not have any fusion.

Surgery was Jan 8th and I stayed in the hospital for 2 days.

What they did is they go in posteriorly and drill a hole into the lamina of the verterbra. They remove any small bony frags and any herniated disc material that is compressing the spinal nerve roots coming from the spine.

I had this done at levels C 3-4 and C 4-5 The NS considered C 5-6 but at the time just before surgery he reviewd the MRI and said he did not think I needed it at that level.

Somewhere on the board I posted the original MRI that stated stuff about the herniations(bulges) at the C 3-4 4-5 5-6 but nothing about the neural encroachment which the NS showed me and it was very clear on the MRI to the naked eye but yet the MRI report said nothing about it and in fact was very vague.

My attorney requested that the MRI be re-read by the radiologist with the NS reports and then it cam back saying the same stuff and a lbit more detail about the arthropathy at the facet joints etc and the nerual encroachmnet.

It did say in the re-read that there was potential C 5 compromise and I asked the NS what this meant and he said it was referring the the radiating stuff that I was having in my shoulder.

Anyway I am sure that I can get the report out and re-post it in this thread if you guys want.
I personally did think that one level and I cant remember which one did look very close to the cord.

Here are my symptoms pre op....mostly left sided

Neck spasams and burning pain with numness and tingling.
Neck pain that would burn and radiate down the neck to the shoulderline and into and out down to about my elbow.
There was injury overlap in the tingly and burning in my left arm because I am still not a year out fom my elbow ulnar nerve decompression 3-07
I also had this spot at the base of meck and at the shoulderline just a bit lateraal to the spine that would feel as though a hot knife was inserted there. very awfuel burning.
I would have arm weakness and a heavy feeling arm and some clumsyness occasionaly.
My left arm pit was sore and burning for a few months non stop and this would radiate around to the breast area.
I also had a deep scapula burning that was at the thoracic level that was awful and almost constant


The arm pit and deep thoracic burning has gone away, since suregy and has not returned. I did have the neurological stuff in my arm right after surgery but it is not present at this point.
For a while I had bad spasams after the surgery but now they are intermittent and I am not sure it it is healing or what.
Surgery was the 8th and today is the 23 and that burning hot knife had gone awy so I thought until about a week ago I felt it coming back and now it is relentless and constant again but varies in its intensity.

Sorry so long

I know nerves take a long time to heal because I was explained all about that when I had the Ulnar nerve transposition last March.

See my Mom came and stayed at my home and took care of me for a few days post op. She left for about 48 hrs. then came backe for anotthe 2 days and then I was left to manage on my own. I did have people call and scheck on me and one or 2 people stop in to help a little but It was left to me to manage the meds.

I think that I mismanaged and was not taking the right little.
Anyway I cant remember the exact day but I did call the NS and he said to return to the ER for pain control and testing but they did not do any x-rays or mri's just a half *** physical exam and get my pain controled.

The NS's PA came to see me and I had brought all my meds with me because that was just easier than making the list of it all in the heat of the moment trying to get to the ER. When I took the new or refill prescriptions to get filled I went back to get them a few days later and noticed that it was for a lessor amount.

Now I was not quite out of the dicharge meds from the first hospital stay. So I was folling the direction on the first bottle. The directions being take 2 10/325 percocet every 4 hours. After the overnight from the ER admit I was not taking quite 12 pillls a day maybe 7-8. But I was confused because the new prescription said 1 10/325 perc every six hours.

I am also taking Hydroxy Pam or vitsaril 3 times a day and I do have Valium left form the surgery discharge but I do not take those unless I fell like dying.

Anyway I know this is long but I will see the NS on Fri.

I will explain I am confused about the meds doses and nedd to know if he thinks the nervers are just pissed form surgery and trying to heal if if he thinks there is still an issue.
I have a list of stuff to ask.
Anyway. No one really gae and specifics except to walk and wear brace and dont lift. When I was admitted after the ER visit they showed me some stretching exercises and I have been working on those but not forcecing.
I am happy that some symptoms are gone but one of the huge things the NS and I were trying to help was that hot dagger knife stuff so I am a bit concerned.

Could this be the C 5-6 level causeing this?
OH S$%T if they gotta go back in and fix it.
Anyway I am doin absolutely nothing but laying on my couch and studying today. THAT IS IT.

I live alone and have to ask for help whic is hard but my friend and classmate who is a CNA has been helping me out so much. I guess I should ask if she coul come and do some dishes or something. Or can I do those my self?


So many emotions that I actually cried myself to sleep last night. Some crying from pain and some from the emotional pain.

Just real real tired and depressed. School focus will I am sure be a good thing for me at this point. And yes my professor and I have talked obout my issues extensively. I had the same teacher last semester so she is aware of everything and even shared with me that she is a chronic pain sufferer herself.
Anyway yes I am having bad pain today but I need to hit those books now.

Please anymore thoughts or words of encouragemnt are appreciated.

Love you all,

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