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I know I dont like to take more than what it says on the bottle it just seems not right.

I made it through my 12 step district meeting here at my house and it was good to have some friends here but it was also tough just the same. Laughing and talking alot and turning my head to much hurts. I did wear my brace to try and minimize any discomfort.

I have some tylenol PM's here so I am going to take those and lay with my heating pad. not on my neck but on my lap and of course with the cat on top of that and see if I can get my neck and head to relax.

Have I not been taking enough breaks where I actually lay down like 3 -4 times a day? I am sitting on the couch usually and walking around with in my house doing light household things. That about it other than the shopping stuff that I did.

Thanks God that I dont have to be picked up for class until 12-1 pm. We dont start class til 230 but we both need to go to the college bookstore to hoefuly pick up our text books. That is a big stresser for me because I am the type of student who has already started reading the books before the start of the semester.

Poo...I am jus trying to do the right thing and I told the surgeon I wanted to get off the meds in 6 weeks is that unrealistic with this added pain?

I just want to be sure that it is just the nerves regenerating rather than still being injured.

Thanks for posting tonight. I am going to lay here for a while petting the cat and relaxing for now. Hope you check back tomorrow!!


Maybe I need to rest my dome(head and neck) by laying down 15 min 3 x a day just to gove it an added break. Guess it cant hurt right????
your so sweet think of us while you are dealing with all this.bless you has the med change actually helped you then?is that one 'hot spot' feeling any better at all when you take the meds or does it pretty much stay the same?just wondering if this is a neuropathic thing or something just because the nerves are still really inflammed.if this is actually at the base of your skull,everytime you move your head up and down(even a little bit just considering where it actually is) it could just be a constant type of irritation that is setting all the nerves off,you know what i mean?that day you said you did pretty much nothing?how was that hot spot feeling then,any better?you mentioned you do have some valium?what is that dosage?you could try cutting them in half(i do this with mine i use for leg spasticity)and just one day,try taking them about like every four/six hours or something and see if just keeping a bit less 'tightness" in that muscle area in the back maybe wont help just have alot of inflammation back there right now which is all playing off each other,you know what i mean?the nerves,when really pissed off,just start firing signals to the muscles,which in turn create those wonderful wads of tissue we call trigger points.the valium just could help some.if you are not used to taking it,then just doing the one half thing may be enough for you depending on what the actual mg amount is.i would at least try this for one day and see what happens.i really would look into that lido ointment tho could help would just help reduce the intensity if nothing just need a break from this crap.

considering where they went in and how close in proximity your issues were to the cord,even the surgery placed them right there by your cord too,there just could have been some level of real contact there at that level too.i just assumed that they would have done a fusion along with what you had,my bad there hon.thats actually a really good thing for you.if you have to,ask the surgeon for some level of steriods like a round of the medrol dose pack.since you are not actually trying to fuse bone,this would be a good choice to just get things calmed down back there.steriods can do wonders for ongoing inflammation,even better than any level of narcotic,just becasue it is hitting the 'real" problem,not just masking it with a pain med,ya know?just another option.i am just thinking tht alot of your pain issues at this point post op are probably more from just plain old inflammation.getting another MRI at like one month out or so if the symptoms are still the very same wouldn't least this would take a good look inside that area and be able to see if there is still something affecting that same nerve that was causing that burning to begin with.hopefully this is not a neuropathic pain issue and will simply resolve itself once the major trauma of that surgery settles down for you.just give some of the suggestions a try and see if you don;t get at least some drop of the overall wouldn't hurt at this point.i do hope things get better soon for you chrissy,i do think you have suffered more than enough already.take care and take it really easy,K?and as usual,keep us posted hon.marcia

Thanks for supporting me! I know you kind of put things on hold because of your daugfhters situation as I would do the same if n your place. My uncle who has had lymphoma just had something similar removed from his mouth and he seems to be doing real well. He has been on his battle for a while now but doing weel with it it. I jave not asked my Mom since she told me he had the throat/mouth thing taking care of and was doin well what his status is recently. It has been a month or 5 weeks since I last asked.
I am glad that all of thatis settling down.

How are you feeling???

I do have my appointment this morning at 1030 am and God Blessed me with a good person to help me. SOmetimes I feel like an invilad...It is the not being able to drive thing that gets me.
I will will see him and I have an index card with questions on it for him.
His original reason not for me to drive was because of the pain meds but I am real responsible with them and have been for a long time so driving around is not a pro while taking them but the fact that I have a hard time turning my head really concerns me and I will ask about that.

I sort of woke up feeling like a mack truck ran me over this morning and I did not want to get out of my bed!!!:mad: I totally have no energy this morning.
My friend will be here at 830 so she can take me to a few stores to get the baby shower present for a party I am goign to tomorrow and beleive me you it will be the only thing I do outside my home for 2 hours.
I just do not really even have the energy to shower just to wash the hair.

I am hurting stil but the pain is managed better since the phone call I had with the PA. I also talked to my Mom and she says she is really really concerned for me. I asked her why and she said because I am so emoitional and I live alone and I am stiloll in so much pain. I think she even said she had an expectation that the pain would have been gone by now. She said "this is the worst I have seen you from all the surgeries you have had in the last 4 years" I think the neck and my My hysterectomy were about the most emotional afterward!!!

Anyway I will make a new post about the first post op appt if necessary but I gotta run so I can be readay when Barbara gets here.


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