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The neurologist is the one that did the surgery. I have had xrays and am having more this week. As far as pain it doesn't always hurt so bad mostly as the day goes on the pain gets worse. During the week it is worse because of work, I do a lot of heavy lifting. There are times at work I could just sit and cry but I keep pushing myself to keep going. I Just keep taking pain pills and using the patches. He wants me to have mri after 4 weeks of therapy This is what he wrote on my paper to take to therapy Lumbago and neuritis or radiculitis thoracic or Lumbosacral Unspec. I don't think that it fused it either it has been done 3 times now. First, bone didn't take, second, used bone from my hip but screw broke in c7{ they went threw my throat first 2 times} the last time they went threw the back of my neck and used some experimental stuff instead of bone from my hip again and the screw broke in c5. So my whole neck is pretty much encased in metal with broken screws on both sides. You asked how it feels my neck cracks alot it is crunchy, and lots of pain, but he insists that it is fused. There is also a lot of pain at the base of my neck and down my left arm. Pain is worse than before I had my first surgery. My last xrays say: questionable fracture involving a posterior c5 screw, status post c4-c7 anterior and posterior fusions, unchanged fracture involving an anterior screw at the c7 level, an minimal anterolisthesis of c3 relative to c4 on a degenerative basis. I don't understand all that but maybe you will.

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