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Hi, I hope you have better luck than I have had so far, but to answer you questions- I first had an x-ray in my primary care phycians clinic because of the pain I was experiencing after a fall, which according to him appeared ok. I went another 2 weeks dealing with pain at the base of my head, down my neck w/stiffness, burning between my shoulder blades, sharp pain in my shoulder that radiates down my arm w/numbness and sometimes tingling in my hand and fingers. Its just been unbearable, so I went in for my MRI thats when I found out what was going on. How long have you been dealing with this? I`m also curious what part of my pain is related to DDD? My doctor didn`t recomend that I see a chiropractor either. I`m not sure what to do about physical therapy,on one hand It would help w/my herniated disc, but just like you said, it would probably make the DDD symptoms worse. Its a little frustrating!! If I can find a doctor I trust then maybe things will get better for me. I`m seeing a new doctor soon and hoping he will the right doctor for me. If you could offer any advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks-Shaun

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