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I saw a spine and brain specialist for my back injuries,He ordered the cervical and lumbar mri's.I saw a different doctor for the other injuries I suffered.The second doctor ordered an mri on my knee that showed quite a few problems.All other areas of pain he only did simple xrays including the shoulder hip, buttock,leg and thigh pain with the idea that they were caused by my lower back injury.All the xrays showed no broken bones or fractures.As far as the shoulder he said I had some narrowing in the collarbone area and tendenitis in the rotor cuff area.He could also see some inflammation.I have pain directly on top of my shoulder bone that goes all the way back over the complete shoulder blade and into my upper mid back.My complete left arm aches as does the side of my hand along with pain and weakness and numbness in my arm and hand most of the time.It hurts constantly and at night it helps to use a pillow to rest my arm on because if it is laying flat it hurts more .When I try raising my arm even half way it causes more pain.I think you are probally right there must be more damage there than I've been told.Do you have any idea on how long tendenitis is suppose to last?

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