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Here is my experience with Dr. Jho. Like many of us, I was really concerned when Neurosurgeons started recommending fusion for my neck issues. At that time, I had herniations at C4/5,5/6 & 6/7; two contacting the cord. I also had a lot of degenerative facet changes on the right side and foramen narrowing.

I found Dr. Jho on the internet. His procedure was promising "no fusion" and a return to normal activity. I was running competitively at long distances and had hope to return to that sport.

I spent big bucks to travel to Pittsburgh with my family of four and stay in a hotel for a week. The surgery was a two level (C5/6,6/7) procedure in which he removed part of the vertebra to get to the back side of the disc. He then removed the herniated portion of the disc and decompressed the spinal cord. He also did foraminotomies at two levels to remove pressure from the nerves. I initially had a good outcome. My numbness was gone shortly after surgery. My pain was reduced by 50%, which was about what I expected. I returned to work and some running, though the pain would return if I pushed it. I didn't return to running competitively.

About one year after surgery, all of the symptoms returned and were even worse. I had an MRI and found that my herniations were worse and I had herniated another level. I finally agreed to a two level fusion. During the surgery, the surgeon had to spend one hour removing bone spurs that had formed all around the Jho surgical site. When Jho removed a portion of the disc and some of the vertebra, he had compressed the area even further and caused increased motion which generated inflammation and more bone spurs. My MRI had looked bad, but the surgeon said that the actual situation he found during surgery was much worse. I was the third Dr. Jho patient he had fused. All presented 1-2 years after the Dr. Jho surgery and were worse off.

I feel that for anyone with degenerative changes and multiple level disc disease, the Jho procedure does not make sense. We all need to evaluate all of our options. I am only one person, but if you research Dr. Jho on several of these forums, you will find many people with my story.

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