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Jeff and others-

Sounds like you've got a lot going on.

I think someone else has already said this on this post, but if you think about it, it makes sense. It is harder to find SUCCESS STORIES on these pages, because once most people find relief they get on with their lives. The majority of the people on these pages are looking for answers and haven't found relief yet.

That being said, what troubles me the most are those posts where people had fusion procedures done, and then either did not find relief, OR needed more surgeries down the road.

The main reason I chose the minimally invasive procedure was that it showed considerable promise for my specific condition, and yet it didn't involve REMOVAL of any discs or FUSION of any vertabrae. SO, if it DIDN'T WORK, I still had the fusion option available to me. With medical technology advancing every day, I wanted to do whatever might give me relief and would still give me available options in the future as technology advanced.

The only facility that I contacted regarding artificial disc replacement indicated that I was not a candidate because I too had multiple herniations.

I found several doctors throughout the country who claimed to perform minimally invasive procedures- specifically Dr Jho in Pittsburgh, Dr. Schiffer out in San Fran, the Laser Spine Institute and Dr. Reuter down Florida.

For me, neither Dr. Schiffer or the Laser Spine Institute took my insurance. Which meant the procedure was going to cost me $20-30K out of pocket, with no guarantee that it would work. I believe Dr Jho did take my insurance, but his waiting list was a mile long.

At the time- 18 months ago- Dr. Reuter was in network with my insurance. And his office was 10-15 minutes from where my Aunt lived, so I had a free place to stay. AND, I found a cheap flight on Southwest. So not only did the type of procedure Dr. Reuter performs appealed to me, the logistics worked for me as well.

I guess I should make it clear that I absolutely have no ties whatsoever to Dr. Reuter, I just believe in the work he did for me...

I believe further that so many people out there have procedures done unnecessarily, primarily because they are not aware that other options exist.

Best of luck


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