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Hi Sammy, sorry I didn't back to you sooner. I'm going to try to give the shortest version I can because it all started from a car accident that I had 24 yrs. ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't dx'd until 4 yrs. ago. First the injuries from my car accident were my right arm was broken completely in to and it severed some of the nerves in my arm as well. The turn signal went all the way through my left hand leaving a permenant hole in the middle of my hand and severing the nerves in my hand. I suffered a hair-line fracture on both sides of my pelvis which are still there. This also left a bone chip floating around in my pelvic area that ended settling on my nerves. My ankle was twisted so bad that they told I would have been better of if it had been broken instead.

PS: I forgot the question about having pains in my chest. Yes, I had them in my chest and rib cage as well as muscles spasms in my front chest muscles. There have been times when I have bent over to tie my shoes and move the wrong way and ended up with severe muscle spasms in my chest. They were so bad I could hardly straightend myself up again.

The first problem sign started with my legs hurting real bad and all the jobs I had were stand up type. After standing on my legs from 8 to 12 hours a day when I would get off work my left would be just pure numb from all the standing. Next my feet start burning so bad that I couldn't hardly wear shoes when through numerous pairs. The next thing was my hair, I had real long hair. Then all of a sudden my hair starting thining out and I had little red sores all over my scalp. My scalp would get real tight and my head was just itch all the time, it even kept my awake at night. I would have real bad heataches that would start in my neck and then work their way up. No one seemed to know why and I was just being treated for arthrits.

Then one day at work my left shoulder went to hurting real bad and the next thing I knew my shoulder was drawn all the way up to the point my shoulder was touching my ear. I went home and after relaxing awhile it went down. Next day at work I had to use that arm more and the next thing I knew it was happening again and the pain brought tears to my eyes. I went to ER got a shot and it settle down for about 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks later the same thing happened again so I went to the doctor. He gave some prednisone and muscle relaxers and told me to stay out of work awhile. It never got better. Then my hands started turn red and they hurt and they burnt same with my arm and my elbow. In the end, I went to 3 specialist and nobody seemed to know anything except I had two dead nerves in my left arm and torticolis. Torticolis is severe muscle spasm in the neck and shoulder area. Then my shoulder and arm started hurting real bad and my shoulder was so sensitive to the touch. Next thing I know my arm start drawing up and everytime I would try to stretch it out pain would shoot up my arm. The muscle spasms also keep getting worser and worser. Finally, I saw a doctor who knew what RSD was all about and when I was told I suffered from RSD. He also told me that I had what was call Cervical Dystonia and I could not use my left arm at all and had to limit the use of my right arm to keep from having such severe muscle spasms.

Sorry for the long story but that's how my condition came about and I wasn't dx'd with it until 4 yrs ago. Due to it taking so long to get the correct diagnoises lead to the loss of my left arm. Also forgot to mention that my arm kept getting weaker and weaker. I hope this helps you understand what RSD is like, it is a very painful disease that has no cure for it. If you have any more questions just ask or check out the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Board which also lists the signs of RSD at the top of the board.

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