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Hi all,

I saw my PM and the appointment went well. All my labs were good and no illegal drugs in my urine...hehehehe!!! Already knew that one!!;)

He will be gone for a week so he prescribed meds for 2 weeks. He agress that the new meds are helping and is totally fine with me taking up to 4 of the 10/325 Percocets if I need that many in a 24 hour period for BT pain.

My first PT appointment is on Mon the 10th and the Pm said if for some reason I think that I have greatly improved and do not think I need the facet block then to just come in on the 20th for the office vist instead.

He said that we may also need to do a [COLOR="Blue"]rhizotomy[/COLOR], but if I understood him correctly he won't be doing that on the first facet block.

[COLOR="Blue"][B]My questions are:
Has anyone had these procedures for their cervical spine?
How did they help you or not help you?
How long did the procedure take and how painful was the actual procedure and pain afterward??[/B][/COLOR]

My hopes from the procedure or even if I need the procedure more than one time, is that it will [B]Break the Pain Cycle!!![/B] thus reducing pain an enabling me to go through PT and become stronger and possibly preventing further surgeries at this time. Of course the amount of Pain Relief received from all of this will be the deciding factor.

So please let me know what you guys think. I am optimistic at this time and ready to get things going.
Hi Chrissy!!

In response to your questions:

Has anyone had these procedures for their cervical spine?

[COLOR="Red"]I have not had them done in the cervical area but I have had the block done in the lumbar area.[/COLOR]

How did they help you or not help you?

[COLOR="Red"]My first one was extremely helpful and gave me 30 days worth of relief. Unfortunately, it was a temporary fix but is excellent in diagnositc information for the surgeon.

My second one gave me about 7 hours worth of relief but it was enough for my surgeon to know that he had the correct level/location.[/COLOR]

How long did the procedure take and how painful was the actual procedure and pain afterward??

[COLOR="red"]The procedure was extremely quick and done under guided floroscopy. I would say no more than 30 minutes if that for the procedure then 30 minutes afterwards in the recovery area. You will need someone to drive you home

The first procedure was painful for several days after the procedure but then I saw releif for approximately 30 days afterward. I felt the short increase in pain was worth the relief that followed even if it was temporary.

My second block was extremely painful during the procedure. I don't think they gave me enough meds to zone me out and I had a very short reprieve of pain then I had increased pain for several days. Slowly the pain returned to my normal level and to be honest the injection/block never really reduced my pain like the first time.

To be honest, with everything you have been thru this is a piece of cake and I have faith that you can handle it with NO problems.

Let me know if you have any other questions and I will try to help answer them.[/COLOR]

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