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Hello everyone

I had Posterior cervical Laminotomy and foraminotomy on C 3-4 C 4-5 on Jan the 8th of this year. This was to address only part of the problems in my neck. The other problem at C 5-6 the NS said needed to be fused or an ADR.

So here it is. I am alomost 90 days post op and I have no relief what-so-ever. Only one small symptom went away and I have less frequent arm weakness and heaviness, but all the rest of my symptoms are still here.

You guys I actually feel WORSE since I had it done. I have been posting in the PM forum.

SO the NS sent me back to PM and the two docs decided I should try the facet blocks. I really hope they help either with the pain or as a diagnostic. Tomorrow the PM doc will do the facet blocks at levels C 3-4 C 4-5 C 5-6

My symptoms:

Burning and pinching on left side and back of neck
Burning and nubmness and occasional tingly over the scapular area
arm weakness and hand clumsy
somtimes the burn and pinch is on the right side of neck
Numbness on weird locations of the left arm

The worst one

:blob_fire:blob_fire:dizzy::mad: HOT POKER BURNING feeling at the shoulder line and just below base of neck just lateral to the spine. Sometimes this happens on the right but mostly on the left.

Some of these symptoms vary in there intensity but at this time I really do feel worse than I did before.

[COLOR="Blue"]The docs said I should be feeling better by the 90 days post op time. When do you think I should be insisting that the cause of the elevated pain be figured out????:([/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]How many Facet Blocks should I try?? WHat about the RHIZOTOMY???? Has anyone had that??? Please share your experience!![/COLOR]

[COLOR="Green"]I am very disapointed and frustrated about the outcome of this last surgery. I am wondering why he just did not fuse the other part of my neck. I never had any problem in my neck prior to this car accident. Right now my quality of life comparred to what it was before the car accident 8 months ago is way less. I have a hard time just doing all the daily normal errands. I am to much pain to work. CHeezzee...I cant even go to the grocery store with out it causing sever pain (pushing a small cart). since the surgery I have again tried PT wich only made thing worse and I am working on building up to a 1 1/2 mine walk a few times a week. Before the car accident I was walking 14-20 miles a week and now because of this injury I am pretty sedentary and have gained about 20 lbs. YUCK. I want to be back to the way I was. An active person. Right now I had a back slide a little with the walking. I was up to a mile then I went to PT and got really flarred to the point that now I have to rebuild the strenght to do a mile again. I am sad and grieving the loss of activities that I like to do. I do not go out with friends very often because I will pay dearly that day or the next day. Soometimes just going to the store and driving to a doc appointment will raise the pain levels so much I need two days rest to recover. I am a college student at the age of 38 and that itself is tough but when you cant sit through a 1 hour 15 min lecture that sucks. I am only in the one class because of my neck issues. I would have applied to the colleges nursing program this spring had this car accident not happened. I am really bummbed about that and now I will have to wait for next spring to apply.[/COLOR]

Okay, I am done venting. I am optimistic about the Facet Block. I hope it shows something and helps with my pain.
My mom will be here this afternoon so she can drive me in the morning tomorrow to the surgery center for the Facet Block. My mom is the greatest mom ever and I am so lucky and grateful to have her as my Mom and my best friend. She has been through it all with me.

Well folks please some words of kindness and support as I am feeling rather down lately. Any information about these topics will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Chrissy

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