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[QUOTE=Wymom94;3521465]I picked up my cervical collar for post-op today (surgery is days away now). After I got it home, I wore it to see how I manage in the kitchen/house w/ it as advised, and I have a question now (will call the Orthotist tomorrow, but wanted to ask here now). Are you suppose to be biting your tongue in it? When I have it loose, it doesn't feel fully supportive, but when I tighten it, I bite my tongue, clench my teeth, and almost feel as if my head is swelling -like I've cut the blood flow. Have I just not found that perfect loose-tight spot, is this just how it is (biting-the-tongue-tight or more-movement-than-expected-loose), or is this the wrong size or type for me maybe? I was measured, then fitted by the Orthotist and he said this is my size. Is it just strange to adjust to? I was a little worried that I'd mess up my teeth/jaw wearing this for even a full day, let alone many days or even weeks post-op --or bite my tongue during the night (seriously). I'd love input from others who have worn the Miami J cervical collar or a similar one --please, thanks.
p.s. --my tongue still feels weird w/ it off now and I didn't wear it THAT long.[/QUOTE]
I had three level anterior and posterior discectomies with metal cage four years ago. I had to wear the Miami J neck collar for 12 weeks and I did get used to it. I had no trouble like you describe with biting my tongue or any other problems. I had discectomies with bone graft from C3 through C6. I relied so many times on encouragement from these boards and I am sure posting here and reading the other posts helped me tremendously. Perhaps your collar is not the right size. I wore the Miami J brace and still wear the soft foam collar as I still suffer from degenerative arthritis of the spine and it helps support my neck and feels comfortable. Good luck with your surgery. I realize how scary it is, but I am so glad I had it done.

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