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hello my name is jen and I am 26 years old I was a healthy working (as an inhome family therapist) woman up until 3 months ago, other than a mld pain in my lower back and left leg I thought it was maybe sciatica but I did not have healthcare. so three months ago I was sitting at home and my arms and legs went numb, I say spots, my heart was racing, i had difficuly walking or talking. I had a shooting pain in my head. This went on for several days and I developed muscle spasms, severe tremors, and inability to control my bladder. Ii went to the doctor and was told I had a severly pulled muscle in my neck. I was prescibed valium and sent home After about a week the spasms went away but I was still having all the other symptoms. After an ER visit and 6 doctors I was told it was psychological and prescribed prozac ( am a mental health therapist and there was no way I was believing that my symptoms were real, but dr's could not find anything after a ct, holter test, ekg ad blood work only showed elevated white blood and liver enzymes. Well I finally found a doctor who believed me and sent me for an MRI It was found that I have reversal cervical lordosis, disk protrusion at c4 c5 and c6 disk arthopathy, disk dessication at the L4 L5 L5-S1, liamentous hypetrophy, endplate degenerative change type 1 and 2 large central disk extrusion resulting in narrowing of the left L5-S1 I am in alot of pain have numbness, heart palpatations, have severe headaches, muscle spasms and I am unable to work. My doctor has no idea what to do she put me on amitriptalyn for pain a month ago and it is not helping. I am on a waiting list to see a neurosurgeon. I am just wanting and pleading to hear if anyone else has similar symptoms sometimes I feel like I am having a heart attack, or anxiety attack I feel detatched at time, I would love to hear from similar people who are getting treatment and what kinds and if you have similar symptoms do they get better and what kind of treatment. Please any help would be great even my doctor has never seen these disorders and these symptoms.. THANKS

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