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Hi Elle45!
Sorry it took so long to reply! Did you have spinal cord impingement or were your symptoms down your arms? I had the c3-c4,c4-c5,c5-c6 three level laminectomy a little over three years ago. I do have a long scar due to the three levels. I will have to admit that I am a little worried since they took out so much bone that the spine may not be able to support itself. I had spinal cord impingement as well as arm symptoms. The spinal symptoms are gone and so are some of the arm symptoms. They also did foraminotomies on two levels to the right side which was very pinched. This helped the right but now I am having left sided symptoms. I am also having to deal with carpal tunnel in both wrists.

Now on to your questions: Did your Dr. have you wear a brace after surgery? Mine didn't and my mother-in-law complained that I wasn't holding my head straight. Of course when the muscles have been cut, this will happen. I started driving right after they took the staples out of my neck which was a week and a half or maybe two weeks after. I started taking walks about two weeks and was surprised how difficult it was to walk after having the muscles cut. I work in a grocery store in the produce department so I do a lot of heavy lifting and reaching and I was off 12 weeks. The surgeon told me not to lift more than 30 pounds and that he could partially disable me. He told me that is was a bad idea to do so as it can limit future earnings. He told me to do the limiting on my own. I will be honest, I haven't been good! I believe the surgery did what was intended: it protected the spinal cord from further damage and lowered the risk of being paralyzed in a car accident. I am still in pain most days. I am hoping that after the carpal tunnel issues are resolved, that some of the neck issues will also resolve. There is something called double crush syndrome where when a nerve is pinched in the wrist, it sends the signal back up to the spinal cord and causes pain. The carpal tunnel release surgery is much easier to handle than any cervical surgery.

I hope this helps a little!


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