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I am two weeks post my 3rd neck surgery, I had ACDF 6/7. I will say I had little pain for awhile and then it came back. I admit that my right hand feels so much better. I can actually type and write more then one or two lines at a time. However, my left side which has been my issue for years is not so lucky. It is very weak. I have to rest a lot and I seem to mistype like crazy. I have tons of spasms between my shoulder blades and still have the usual ongoing burning pain from the base of the neck into my shoulder blades and back. I expect a lot of this just because I had survery. And because I am not able to just lounge around and rest and have basically just been living. I am taking Tramadol,hydrocodone, Lyrica, and Ativan. Thank God for the Ativan it appears to be the only thing that has helped me with muslce relaxing. I go see the doctor tomorrow and since he has to refer me to a new pain managment doctor (workman's comp). I do not know how long I will be off work or if I will return. My surgeon is insistant upon me retiring if I want any quality of life. And he can not imagine how my employer allows me to work with the amount of medications I take. (truthfully they do not care as long as I am there).

My last mri looks pretty good, now that I have the issues taken care of that is. I wonder though with C4/5 and C6/7 how long until C5/6 breaks down? My doctor does now there will be further surgeries down the road but would not give me a time frame, just that we will look at doing disk replacements someday later.

I wonder how many of us spinal chronic pain patients do not return to work? I am really scared of being denied (my own job has a private pension I paid into 19yrs so it is their decision) I know a few guys who have retired and are so much better. In my job you have few options as a light duty person and none are condusive to chroinic long term arm and hand pain. Oh well, I am getting the paperwork together and will try, what can they do other then put me back to work using what my doctor recommends and with my time in grade.

Not sure what else I want to say, just wonder what meds people continue to take, what may work for you? Long term that is. I am now 8 years of chronic pain and a solid 4 years of intense bilateral chronic pain. And now with Fibro.

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