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This will be a long one. First My name is Linda and I am from Florida. anything for Pain. I have been through heck with my
Lumbar and I still have a bunch og damage there, but now Neck is killing me!
I have tried to ignore it for a few years but just to type this is killing my arms and hands. I just got my MRI Report and Have not seen the Pain Doctor yet.
So here goes I will type it all out, (I Hope !)

The Alignment is Slightly Abnormal Now with a grade1 Retrolisthesis at C4-5. This is a new finding. Dorsal annular fissure and hypertense on this clearly demonstrated within the C3-4 disc which is a new finding as well and potentialy could be a source of discogenic pain. Minimal dorsal hypertense zones are seen within C4-5 through C6-7 levels as well. Disc space narrowing is found at C6-7 definitely and also to some degree C5-6. There are no discrete vertebral or cord lesions otherwise though there are some degenerative endplate changes which are now new at C5-6 and C6-7 all indicative of progressive degenrative disc disease.

At C3-4, there is a posterior central Protruding disc herniation which again abuts the cord. The cord is not significantly deformed but slightly flattened as seen before as well. The mid canal sagittal diameter is about 9 mm with very mild spinal stenosis change.

At C4-5, posterior central disc herniation again indents the cord slightly. Spinal stenosis changes with the mid canal sagittal diameter of 7-8 mm again is demonstrated and this is a stable finding.

C5-6 again shows bilateral uncovertebral joint spurring with some degerative bulging causing cord flattening. The mid canal sagital diameter at this level is about 10 mm with borderline to mild stenosis present.

C6-7 there are new findings. Prominent left sided spurring from the uncovertebral joint now causes compression of the left C7 root which is a new finging. There is probably some mild cord compression as well and the mid canal sagittal diameter is about 11 mm though without overt mid canal sagittal stenosis.

Overall, Progressive disc disease changes are found with persistent stenosis, a fairly mild degree at C3-4, C4-5, and C5-6. however, there is markedly progresive left bony forminal stenosis at C6-7.

Wow! that was a lot for someone who has to type with a couple of fingers!!

What does all of this mean? and will I need surgery?
and will I cause more Damage if I ignore all of this and try to go as long as I can with out Surgery.
I am having so much pain now down my left arm the most but down both as well and the burning across my shoulders.
for about a year now I thought I was going to need surgery on my right shoulder but now I think it is from my neck. as the days it does not hurt, it feels completely fine but then the next thing I know it is killing me.
my trisept and elbow gets muscle spasums all the time on my left arm and my ring finger and the middle finger get shooting pains as well as numbness.
Okay this is what I have now help me understand all of this please..

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