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I am 8 days post-sx on an anterior cervical discectomy/fusion. My 1st day post-op my left arm felt fine, but has been weak/numb since and getting worse. What can I expect at 1 week, 2 week, 3 week, etc. thanks.
Some people have a slight increase in symtpoms in the first 1-2 weeks after surgery - probably becuase the nerve has been bothered, swelling etc.

I found I felt great right after surgery, then had some pain/numbness in weeks 2 and 3 and then steadily got better.

My one big tip: Stay as active as you can. When I had my ACDF I did nothing for 6 weeks. When I went back to work at week 6 it was awful....not due to neck pain or anything like that - I was simply totally deconditioned from sitting around not doing anything. The walk from my parking spot to the office door was more then I could handle.

I'm having another surgery in 2 weeks and I will get on my treadmill (even at 1mph for 10 min) as soon as I can (noting beyond what my body can handle but I've learned my lesson about being too sedentary).

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