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I don't have my MRI results. I gave them to my Dr.( I guess I should get a copy). I had a disc extrusion btwn c6-c7 only, no fusion. I was experiencing pain behind my scapula, in my right shoulder,down my arm as far as my wrist( it did not effect my hand and fingers). I also had tingling in these areas. The procedure that was done was a laminectomy (so they called it), but very little bone was removed. He just removed the part of the disc that was sticking out.
In reading these boards I feel very lucky. I was driving in 5 days (against Dr. orders, but I had to get my kids to and from school). I was also going to lunch with friends (they drove), doing laundry, grocery shopping, and light house work, all by the end of the 2nd week. I am returning to work (house cleaning) on Monday, and on Wed. I go to the Dr. for my 4wk follow up. Hopefully He will give me the o.k. to resume doing all the things I've already been doing. I do still have some aches and pains, and tingling. Probably because I have been doing too much, but a moms got to do what a moms got to do. My husband is busy working overtime to make up for my income so i feel guilty asking him to do things around the house. Does anyone know what further problems I could be causing by over doing?

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