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These are the results of my recent CT. reversal of the normal cervical lordosis and a 2-3 mm bulge at the C5-C6 with mild mass effect on the thecal sac. What does that mean???? Have been in Physical Therapy since 07. Ended up adding arm nerve pain, numbness and tingling. Getting nerve test in two weeks, Neurologist thinks it's Carpal tunnel??????? Neck pain continues and is severe during intercourse, due to the muscles contracting. Help!!
hello - fyi i don't believe you have a "mass" what they mean is that the bulging is causing an effect on your thecal sac. That means it is pressing. That's an odd thing to go looking for (carpal tunnel) when your MRI obviously shows a medium bulge. Maybe you were nervous and didn't really hear what NS was saying - maybe wants to be sure you do not also have carpal tunnel. The EMG will help figure things out hopefully. Where/what is your arm pain?
Hi again, first, I bet if the others with C5-6 problems will chime in here, you will see that you do fit the profile for a C5-6 nerve root irritation. I am betting that you probably do not have carpal tunnel from what you wrote here.

If on the back of your arm you mean on the outside edge beginning from your top outer shoulder through your bicep area to outerside of arm, around backside of arm down to elbow - then back around front side over the middle/top center of your forearm down into your wrist - then fingers. I am going to tell you that you DO fit the profile. This is common and is the medial nerve. I used to get burning so bad on my top of my forearm I would need to keep ice on it constantly. I had a severe nerve root compression at C5-6.

Now I think it would be very rare for a carpal tunnel compression to back up all the way up your arm - not having it myself I don't know, but from what I do know about these problems, I think it would be rare.

So - I think you need to see a neurologist. Good luck, get a referral as I think your PCP has been doing fine, but it is time to see a specialist.

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