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Neckpatient is right, in that there probably hasn't been enough time to really tell. I'm sure it seems like forever since the last week of March to you, especially if you're in so much pain, but less than two months is practically nothing in terms of nerve healing.

I'm really surprised to hear you mention taking Motrin. Most surgeons ban NSAIDS for at least several months after a fusion surgery.

I agree with asking about Neurontin or Lyrica. Also, you don't mention anything about taking muscle relaxers. You might benefit from those. If you can't tolerate them during the day, take them at night (will also help you sleep).

Can you manage a low dose of Hydro 3 or 4 times a day rather than just twice a day? (That's sure to generate some controversy, but I believe you can't heal if you're in pain)

The radiating arm pain you describe is familiar to many here and can be really, really brutal. Just in general, the muscle and nerve pains that occur after surgery are varied and strange as the body heals and adapts to the mechanics of the cervical plate.

Are you working during the day? Are you getting any rest periods, specifically time when you can take the weight/pressure off your neck and let "things" relax? Even just everyday activities have an impact and can affect how you feel. You kind of have to start out with baby steps, just doing.......anything.......for short periods of time with rest in between. Even (yes) typing on the computer is something that can cause your neck/shoulders/chest/arms/hands to flare up. (in fact, computer use is one of the top pain complaints with cervical issues)

Sorry, not trying to minimize what you've described or ask a gazillion questions. Just sympathizing and trying to get a better picture of your situation. Surgeons are FAMOUS for not explaining beforehand what recovery will be like, and for having little/no sympathy once they've "done their job".

Hope you find answers and relief soon.

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