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Hey July,
You tried to go back to what????

Here's the secret to healing....REST, REST and more REST!!!

I've been away at our family cabin all weekend. It's a long drive but I did great! Each day I am feeling better! This recovery is so different from the last one!! I'm still in my Aspen collar, the doc said I can stop wearing it, but with the extra travel and movement, I've taken a conservative approach and kept it on. I take it off when I'm at home or just resting at the cabin. My sleeping habits are improving, too.
The HAIR!!!! I cut mine right before the surgery thinking it would be easy to care for. I had long hair, too! I cut it right above my shoulders in a cute bob style (I had never done that before!) and I get highlights as well. But I haven't dared walk into the salon yet! What a mistake to cut it short because now it's not quite long enough for a full ponytail but long enough to look awful! My solution has been twisting it up into a clip. Crazy what we don't think of! My incision is healed enough now that I can get it wet. So now I can wash ALL of my hair now. How gross is not washing your hair for more than a week! Worse has happened, I guess. Overall, looking forward to continued progress. I think I'm going to try driving again this week.
As for you, rest yourself, don't overdue it!! How's everything healing? Have you been back to the doctor for post op visits? July, give yourself time to heal well! Don't put too much undue stress on your body! I know your a fighter, but there's no need to push too hard!

Take care,

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