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Lily, now that I am done giggling after reading your post I think I can type lolol

I had neck pain and burning in my shoulders for quite a while. I thought to myself daily, I need a new job, this stress is making my neck hurt. I thought the burning pain daily was because I worked a desk job using the phone and computer alot (I was in HR). It took my back going out and dealing with that surgery before I spoke up to my neurologist about it. I said I have had this bad neck pain and burning which I thought was stress for a long time. I said the most stress I have right now is what to watch on tv while letting my back heal. He told me we will just keep an eye on it until my back healed.

Well, 4 months later, my back was healed but I finally starting having tingling and burning in my arm. I asked him what he did to my back that messed up my arm. I was scheduled for an MRI and to my shock, I had 3 ruptured discs (moderate to severe). I had neck surgery 3 weeks later.

Now for the next part..........I can't figure out why they want you to do an EMG instead of an MRI. An EMG is a nerve conductor test. Let me tell you from experience, it was about 25 minutes of pure hell for me when they did this test. BUT I had to have it done because I had 2 numb fingers after my neck surgery and we were concerned I had permanent nerve damage.

I do have the same issues as you are having with my neck right now. I tried to explain to my dr. that I feel like my upper body is going through restless leg syndrome. I was glad to see someone else explain it like I did so I am not TOTALLY losing my mind. It feels so tight, I can't relax and when I try to lay down, I am ready to jump off the couch. What is so weird is after a week of that, now the tops of my legs also feel the same way and I have no idea why. I walk the floors every night. He did feel I have some nerve inflammation or a "nerve flare up" as he called it. I was scheduled for an MRI though just to see what was going on. Ibuprofen helped a tad but not enough. Muscle relaxers and pain meds don't help either unfortunately. I don't go back to my neurologist until Friday. I just hope I can survive this until I do. Steroids might actually help if it is inflammation.

By the way, all I can say is your GP must have gone to the same school as your chiropractor lol.

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