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fiona, hugs, and , and lillydilly, i just want to thank you all for responding to my post.I am sorry it took so long to reply,i just cant get enough sleep. i dont know who said they had natural child birth and surgery and it did not compare to this,i totally relate,i would do that 10 times over rather than tolerating this pain.someone asked what kind of insurance i have,it is cigna.i am so sorry you guys have this pain to suffer i wish i could make us all better.i have 5 dogs and 1 parrot,i realize will need to placed some where but i cant bring myself to do it.its not fair to them,and like i said my family is in complete denial,if i had the money i would just leave to a quiet space where no one says whats for dinner?any thoughts on the facet shots? iam not scared of the needles iam afraid of the side effects.again i am sorry for all your pain and do appreciate your responses. marywoo

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