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Xatra, I've heard some folks go the Osteopath route and others use a neurosurgeon. For myself, a neurosurgeon did the final diagnosis and ultimately surgery. However, my regular MD, (internist) was right on target when I first saw him. I thought I had a muscle spasm going on, but he asked a few questions and said it was most likely a pinched nerve. He ordered an MRI which confirmed his suspicions. Being without insurance makes your choices very tough! When my MD first diagnosed me with pinched nerves I(herniated disks) in my C-spine I asked what the treatment options were. One possibility was to simply wear a soft cervical collar for a few weeks/months to help relieve the stress/pressure within the neck. You could probably find one for a fairly reasonable price at a local pharmacy. That might be worth a try if you're watching your $$. I am not a doctor or medical professional, but it sure seems like a collar, worn as much as possible, would at least take some of the "work" off of your neck.
The meds you mentioned, diazepam and alprazolam (Valium & Xanax) both will give you some relief as muscle relaxers, but perhaps something more focused like Skelaxin or Flexeril would have a longer-lasting and more significant effect...??? If the Tramadol works for you, I'd say stick with it. It is, from what I understand, fairly mild as opposed to Vicodin and other narcotics.
So far, your symptoms appear to be mostly soft-tissue, but eight months seems like a long time for soft-tissue only... You've had no other "symptoms" that you feel might be related? Especially in your extremities and/or face? Take care and keep me/us posted!

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