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lilly, ultam does have codeine and it does cause itching ive scratched the heck out of my legs when i first took it,but it did not hurt me,if it is helping the pain i would stick to it but still call your dr to be safe,for me the pain releif out weighs the side effects,i wrote you a post iand beleave it or not i managed to lose it,i hope you are feeling better,i know this feels like a nightmare,i wihed we could all wake up from it.its exhausting. mary
If ever in doubt call a 24 hour pharmacy (even if you didn't get your prescription there). We had to do this once for my husband, we hadn't gotten the medications from walgreens but had gotten a sample from the doctor. When he started having what we thought was a reaction to the meds we just called the local 24 hour Walgreens and they indeed said "stop taking it, take 2 benadryl, and if the symptoms worsen or don't improve go to the closest hospital or call 911" and were happy to help out.

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