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>>I have osteophytes at C4-C5, C5-C6 and C6-C7 that are compressing my spinal column. The way it was explained was the surgeon would basically go in and "roto-rooter" down through the vertebrae and clear the "bone spurs".
Can anyone shed a little more light on this procedure? I am waiting now to hear when my appt is with the surgeon.
The Dr yesterday was surprised by the condition of my cervical spine for my age (48).

I had a cervical fusion in April and had bone spurs shaved down on two vertebrae then. I also had a lumbar laminectomy in May and had bone spurs shaved down on two lumbar vertebrae as well. Are you solely have bone spurs removed, no other work on the spine, no other spinal problems? What do you want to know about specifically? I'm not sure what surgical tool was used to shave down my bone spurs, but I've seen my x-ray that was taken after the shaving was done and you can see the difference plain as day (they're shorter then the rest). Bone spur-wise I felt tender under the surface of my skin for a while after it was done (didn't even like wind blowing on my neck, was just super sensitive), but that all went away completely before long. Between my fusion and shaving, my cord compression was alleviated. I don't feel the difference in body symptoms (still have all my symptoms), but it's a wonderful relief to know my symptoms won't worsen now that my cord is no longer 'flat' --and that was the primary goal of that surgery for me. I, too have an "old spine" for my age (I'm 39) and I can relate to you on that. I am glad my spurs were shaved down and don't regret my fusion either. Good luck to you!!

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