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My family and I went on vacation to an amusement park this last weekend. I was fine when we came home sunday night but going into monday I knew something was wrong with my neck. Monday afternoon the side of my neck, the right side, the muscles in my neck, not really my throat, hurt when I swallowed like soda or food. It was like it is putting extra strain on the muscles that run along side my throat. Also the base of my neck to my right shoulder are really sore and tight too. The back of my neck also hurts but it has been hurting for a while, because of the way I am hunched over my computer at work all day.
This morning sitting at work I had a really scary moment. I turned my head gently just to pick something up that was on the desk beside me and I felt a really weird ripple, like a tingle to a slightly shocking feeling of something going across my neck and throat. It took my breath for a moment and left me breathless and my pulse was racing. It felt like I has swallowed something almost because I had this lump in my throat. I took a drink of water and a few minutes later I was fine.
Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?
The only thing I can think of is I injured my neck somehow on one of the rides at the amusement park.
I have an appt with a chiropractor today, do you think he can help me?

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