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Sore Upper Arms
Jul 8, 2008
I have sore up arms (I think !) I find is very difficult to put my arms behind my
back. Left arm I can get half way up my back but its stiff and sore. My right arm
will just about get behind my back. To undress I have to force the arms to undo my
bra for example. All this started approx 5 weeks ago. By the end of the day I am so uncomfortable that I have to take 2 Nurofen to help me sleep. I sleep on either side and find that by the morning both shoulders are quite stiff and sore. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have been to a physio for the last four weeks, but it has
no effect.
I have much of the same, for 31/2 years this has been evolving. Went through shoulder surgery because I did have some issues with the left shoulder. After the pain remained & moved into both arms/shoulder. currrently my doctor is looking into the spine, cervical & thoracic. I will be going for some injections tommorrow that I am praying will shed some light. I would not let it go, thats for sure, it caused some some permanant damage. I could not raise either one of my arms above my waist this morning until I could take my second dose of my meds, that is an example of how bad it has become. I would get it looked into, better safe then sorry. Good luck & I hope you find what is causing it. Sammy
I suffer so bad from my neck/shoulder and arms/hands and fingers pain. I am talking such severe pain and very weak hands and arms. For some reason when I lay down it gets worse.
My neck has nothing so bad to suggest this type of problem. I have just what comes with territory: arthrities, some stenosis, DDD and C-5 herniations. But my DR told me that severity of symptoms suggest that something else is going on, because the dx i have in my neck is not something to blame.
My problems started since February 08... I thought it may relate to my spinal fusions, but it has nothing to do with it.

Feel better and take care!
Problems with my arms was one of the first things I noticed -years ago, but didn't pay attention to, didn't look into with my doctor. My arms have been 'weak' and 'tired' for years, lifting them up never would last long b/c they'd get 'tired' and ache. Later, I had problems with my hands & fingers as well and that's when I went to the doctor. Unfortunately, that didn't bring me to the right tests and diagnosis and things continued. I did finally have a cervical MRI this January and that started the ball rolling at last. For me, my problems stemmed from my cervical DDD, from the flattening of my spinal cord. I do also have arthritis in my hands and carpal tunnel in both wrists, but the arms weakness was due to my DDD -and was truly a 'weakness' as I'd loss muscle strength in both and had muscle atrophy in one of my arms. Unfortunately, I was dx a little late in the game and knew going into my acdf that return of lost functions was not necessarily likely. That's how it seems to be turning out post-op for me, but cest la vie. For the OP, I would definitely see your doctor -and see if you can get a referral to a specialist and have testing done. If you do and you get to a point where they are satisfied, but you know there's more, press for more and don't drop it. Hopefully, though, they'll get to the heart of things all on their own. Sore arms could be due to different things, but if yours is due to cervical DDD, the sooner it's diagnosed, the better.
Best of luck to you!

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