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Hey everyone,

Well I saw the Ortho Surgeon yesterday. I actually felt way more comfortable in that office then in my neuros office. I had seen this OS in Februarly but I had just had surgery by the NS so the OS would not comment to much and said it was to early after surgery.

Anyway...I thought the appointment went well. The PA came in first and explained right out of the gate about the results from the diskogram I had. No one from any docs office I go to ever sat down and explained what it meant. My Mom was with me and we were totally impressed with the way things were handeled. The PA went on to do an extensive bunch of neurological tests...more then my Neuro ever did. There was concern from the PA about the arm weakness I was having.
The PA went on the explain the ACDF 2 level C 4-5 and C 5-6 to me in great depth and detail. We were once again very impressed with the time that was taken to explain all this stuff to us.

When the Ortho Surgeon came in he asked and answered questions just like the his PA had done and then did another even more thourgho(sp) neurological eval. All these little evaluations sent me into a whirlwind of pain and weaknes and burning and I expressed this to the Ortho. Both the Ortho and PA did tell me I needed the ACDF 2 level and that my symptoms do corralate with the positive discogram.

The ortho surgeon asked if I had a recent EMG since my Foraminotomy in Jan of this year. I said no but that I did have a positive one back in oct. SO they tracked that down and then said they wanted a new one.

Before I go any further. I want to say that way back a year ago after the accident on July 10th 2007, I had inquired to my GP, my PM and my Neuro that I was concerned about the T-spine and shoulder. They finally after much begging from me did an MRI of the t-spine but never the shoulder. Everyone kept telling me there was no reason for it. I figured they were the Docs so they are not concerned so I wont be.

Well back to the appointment. The OS asks me if anyone has ever ruled out a rotator cuff issue and I told him what I just expained above. I was happy to hear he was ordering the MRI to rule that out. I hope they do not find anything else wrong with me becuase I have aready been through so much...before this car accident I was on workers comp for a wrist and elbow injury that ended up lasting 3 1/2 years and 4 surgeries later. I got all better got off all meds and was pain free!! Then 3 weeks later a am in this car accidnet with a new injury. I just don't know what I would do if there is an injuryt to that shoulder. I have always in the back of my mind wondered about it.

Anyway. I did like this Ortho better then my Neuro. I found the patient and staff right from the receptionist to the Dr. himself to be very friendly. I found that the detailed explainations of everything was so helpful. Everything on my list of questions was answered without having to be asked. The only things I asked were things that came up during the discussion.

Well If any of you all know anything about neck injuries...ACDF for
C 4-5 C 5-6 or for any shoulder injuries please share your stories with me.


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