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I had a fusion of C6-C7 about 15 years ago following a drunk driver running into me and 3 years of physical therapy. I have been having uncontrollable movements that look like seizures, my legs feel like cement, I have neuropathy in my feet and numbness and tingling in my hands and arms with constant cringe type feelings when I move.

The drs put me through all sorts of tests from sleep studies to stress tests and had concluded that my jerking was "psychogenic." (I was also doing physical therapy for my neck and back trying to deal with the pain. The more I went, the worse I felt.) I felt so defeated and offended. I insisted that they do a neck MRI as I knew this was not in my head.

The nurse called me on Friday and asked who my original surgeon was because I needed to be referred for additional surgery because I have Severe Cord Impingement C5-C6 with disk bulge. I was at the hair dresser at the time and could barely hear her. This feels sureal.

The first time I had the surgery there was not cord involvement. I am wondering what this could mean for me. I also have a rather large "hump" and the top of the hump is c5-c6. They have never done a thoracic or lumbar MRI even though they say I have a twisted vertebrae in the lumbar area and I have the obvious hump. Could you please give me some advice as to what I should do next?
Calm, i cant really tell you what to do as far as surgery goes,that is definately a personal decision,but i also have that hump your talking about in the exact area,ive been icing it and that really helps,i also stopped lifting heavy things when at all possible,iam really sorry i wished i could be of help. marywoo

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