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Hey all,

Well the MRI is done and the facility said the report would be ready today. I am in soooo much pain today so I wont be going out to pick it up until I know for sure it has been signed off by the radiologist.

I appreciate everyone's support so much. Thank you! :)

Funny as it sounds but I need no health insurance approval because my Health Ins had changed right after the accident (not my Choice, the college I attend changed carries) so anyway it is all considered pre-existing.

At the inaging facility I have an ongoing lein order there so that nay testing/imaging I need pertaining to my accident does not need authorization just needs the orders from the doc thats it.

The EMG test will be done in the same office as my Ortho Surgeons office.I am doind a self pay on that and will get the money back either from the attorney or during the settlement - whatever I decide.

Just to clarify some things here..

I have had at least 3 EMG's in my life because I had an injury to my wrist on the work comp stuff that then led to a compressed Ulnar nerve in the elbow due to all the long arm casting. When the Work Comp things was ending and I got in the car accident and was sent back to PM (I had gone to PM while on W/C) the PM did an EMG on my neck and arm. Two of the EMG's I had left bruising all over me. And yes it was painful.

My neck pain and scapular pain is on the same side as the wrist injury was on... the left. But the wrist and elbow stuff was pain free when I had the car accident. Before this car accident I never had pain in my neck, weakness in my arms or pain in my shouldre/scapula.

I managed to get the EMG scheduled for Aug 1. I feel like that is an endless amount of days away.

My original Surgeon who did my first neck surgery is the best in his feild, a neuro surgeon. I do have a Pain management doctor who prescribes all my meds. I have already made up my mind that any further surgery will get done by the Orthapedic group. The Doc. I had an appt. with there is a spine specialist and his focus is necks.

What I plan to do is get these new tests done and bring the results to both the Neuro and to the Ortho and see what they say. Then at that time I will change over to the Ortho for any further care.

If I have a rotator cuff issue that needs surgery or something I am pretty certain one of the other Orthos in that practice will be able to handle it.

As it stands now I have all the appointments set except for the follow up with the Ortho to go over the new test results.

I set an appointment with the Neuro for Aug 8th a week after the EMG. The Ortho Practice is so big with a ton of docs that the phone system is a nightmare to figure out. This practice has 4 locations around the surrounding area.

I woke up in total bad pain. The buring in my neck and scapula is just wearing my down so much. I just don't even feel like doing anything today.

Yesterday was sooo bad I called the PM to try and be seen earlier but no go there. He is out of town until my next appointment. URGH!!!


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