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My Name Is Sandie And I Am Thirty-eight Years Old. When I Was 31, I Went Back To College And Obtained My Social Service Worker Diploma. My Inspiration To Complete My Career Was My Children, One Of Which Has Servere Disabilities. He Is Going To Be Fiftheen In December. He Is Deaf/blind, Suffers From Daily Seizure Activity, Which Is Controlled By Medication. He Is G-tube Fed Through His Stomach And Is Wheelchair Bound. My Children Are My World And There Is Nothing I Would Not Do For Them. Through My College Progam, I Was Able To Do Many Assignments Related To People Living With Disabilities And How It Affects Not Only The Individual Suffering From Disabilites But Also The Caregivers Involved And Or Family Members. Through This, It Has Opend My Eyes To A Much Deeper Level And That I Wanted To Help Out Others Who Were Or Will Face Similiar Situations. Over The Course Of Fourtheen Years I Have Been Faced With Heart Renching Decisions And Many Challenges That Most Parents Would Never Have To Deal With. I Have Kept My Head Above Water And Told Myself Day After Day, That I Am Not Alone And That There Are Worse Things In Life. When I Graduated From College And Applied For A Position As A Child And Youth Worker In A Residential Group Home, I Was So Proud Of My Accomplishments. I Felt I Had Reached My Self-awareness And My Short Term Goals In Order To Reach My Long Term Goals. I Was In A Position For A Promotion When My World Came Crashing Down. On April 1st, 2005, I Had Come Off My Evening And Overnight Shift, Comleted All The Childrens Morning Logs And Then Closed Up The Residential Group Home And Was Driving Home. Home Was Approximately 25 Minutes Away. I Was One Block From Home When The Incident Occurred. I Was Coming To A Complete Stop To Turn Left The Street Before Mine. As I Was Driving, I Noticed A Large Truck That Was Parked On My Right Hand Side. That Is The Last Thing That I Recall From That Moment On. The Next Thing I Knew I Was Across The Street, Not Realizing That I Had Been T-boned By A Women. According To The Police Report She Had Came Out Of A Parking Lot, Right Into My Van. To My Knowledge, She Did Not Check For On Coming Traffic (me). Then When She Realized I Was There, She Paniced And And Instead Of Appling Pressure On The Brake, She Applied Pressure On Her Gas Peddle. When I Realized I Had Been Hit, I Was Was In Complete Shock! I Could Not Believe That I Had Been Hit. I Was In Deniel That This Had Happened. I Just Kept Telling Myself It Was A Terrible Dream. I Remember The Police Trying To Get The Lady To Leave Me Alone And To Return Back To Her Vechile. The Ambulance Had Came To The Scene And Took Me To The Nearest Hospital. All I Could Remember Was The Pain In My Neck And My Mid Spine. I Was In Hospital For About Four To Five Hours. They Had Taken X-rays Of My Neck, And Did Not Find And Fractures. Then They Told Me To Go Home And Follow Up With My General Practioner With In The Next Few Days. When I Went To See My Familiy Physician, He Put Me On Naprozin And Muscle Relaxants. This Did Absolutely Nothing For The Pain. The Pain Had Just Got Worse Day After Day. I Went For Six Months Of Physio, Which Did Not Resolve The Issue. For The First Year And A Half I Had Spent Most Of My Time In Bed Due To The Spasims And Neck Pain. My Left Side Of My Neck Swells Because Of The Seat Belt. When The Spaims Become So Painful, Sections Of My Mid Spine Swell And A Bruise Apprears. This Bruise Comes And Goes Just Like The Swelling On My Left Side Of My Neck. It Starts In My Neck, Then Radiates Inbetween My Shoulder Blaids And Down My Spine. Also At This Time, It Runs Down My Arms And Causes My Hands And Fingers To Become Numb And Tingling. In My Neck, I Get Servere Tinling, Numbness And Burning Sensations. At Times It Feels Like Someone Is Picking Me With A Lot Of Needles. The Pain In My Back Feels Like I Am Going To Snap In Half. My Back, Wrist, Knees, Ankles And Neck Constantly Have A Cracking Or Popping Feeling That Hurts Like Hell. I Have To Say That I Have Never Dealt With Pain This Servere. Relatively I Am A Type Of Individual Who Will Bounce Back With No Problems, Until My Accident In 2005. When I Realized That I Was Unable To Return Back To The Workforce And That The Pain Was Just Getting Worse, I Was Very Disappointed, Although In The Same Breath, I Was Not Going To Let It Ruin Me And What I Have Accomplished In My Lifetime. The Way I Would Looked At It And Still To This Day Is That, I Have Made It Through Very Worse Hurdles With My Son And I Sure As Hell Will Make It Through This Even If It Means Learning To Live With The Pain And Move Forward And To Never Give Up. I Promised Myself That I Would Proceed With My Bachlors Degree One Course At A Time. Even If After I Have My Degree Completed And I Am Unbale To Create Something With It, At Least I Can Give Myself Credit That "i Tried".

I Was Diagnosed January 2006 With (wad2) Whiplash Associated Disorder Two And Then I Was Diagnosed With Secondary Fibromyalgia October 2006. I Still Had Not Been Sent To A Bone Specialist And Had No Further X-rays Done.

After Three Years, I Finally Went To See A Pain Specialist And He Is Going To Send Me For A Mri And Other Related Test To Determine What Else May Be Wrong With My Spine. The Pain That I Live With Everyday Is Tiring And Very Difficult At Times To See What The Future Holds For Me. Nights And Mornings I Am At My Worst. The Nights Are Ver Long When You Wake Up Every Hour Because You Roll Over In Your Sleep And Are Rudly Awakened By A Back Spasim. When I Wake Up In The Morning, It Takes Me More Then Two Hours Before I Am Able To Do Any Sort Of Task. My Hands Are Swallon And Very Stiff. My Back Is Locked And I Have A Very Difficult Time Getting Out Of Bed. The Pain In My Back Is Undiscriable. At This Point It Is Difficult To Hold The Tears Back.

I Cannot Keep Up Or Do Half Of My House Hold Duties Due To The High Level Of Pain. I Have A Full Time Worker To Help Out With My Son's High Level Needs. All I Want To Do Is; Get Answers And Have Better Pain Management..

If Anyone Has Been In An Accident And Has Suffered And Or Continues To Suffer Simuliar Symptoms, I Am Begging For Your Moral Support And Possible Answers.

Hope To Hear From Some One Soon, Also Thank You Very Much For Taking The Time To Read This And Respond. This Took Many Painful Hours To Complete, So, Again, Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart:)

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