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Re: ACDF on Sept. 8
Sep 23, 2008
Hi Jay Bee,

Was going to wait until tomorrow after my first post-op visit with the neurosurgeon to report status, but now that I've been prodded...

It was two weeks post-op yesterday, and I'm doing well, and anxious to see the NS tomorrow. The pain and numbness I was experiencing as a result of degenerative disk disease no longer exists today, which is awesome. But that's not to say that I'm pain free - if measured by the ultimate purpose of the 3-level ACDF, it's a complete success! I have a lot of what I call "associative" aches and pains that I'm hoping the NS can 'splain to me. I imagine that most of the muscles in my neck were put through the ringer in order to perform discectomy. With that in mind, I can explain most of these pains, but just want some reassurance that they'll go away permanently!

I must admit that I have a fair amount of pain-free mobility in my neck as it stands right now. I can't yet test the strength of my left arm until some proof of fusion is occurring, and even then, I'll have to slowly work up to it.

In a perfect world, tomorrow's doc visit will be all positive - that x-rays will show that fusion has begun, and that I can start wearing the soft collar (which, BTW, I think is *less* comfortable and *more* restrictive than the Aspen!) so I can drive. Maybe work a couple days a week to start with, the rest of the time working from home. Gotta build up to the stress and BS levels of old! ;)

Still taking Norco for the misc. aches and pains in my neck, mostly to help me sleep, Without 'em, sleeping is next to impossible - just can't get comfortable, no matter how I position myself...

My throat still feels "funny" - still a strange sensation where I swallow, like something is in there, restricting activity. I'm told this will go away over time, but it is somewhat bothersome.

Earlier today, for the fist time since the surgery, the tips of the index and middle fingers on my left hand were tingly and slightly numb. Kinda scary, honestly. Fortunately, it didn't last long, but it made my list of things to tell the NS tomorrow.

And, boy, HOWDY, don't I know about that struggle to keep from doing stuff while healing! I'm ready to jump outta my skin! Deep breaths, Steve...

More after the doc visit tomorrow,

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