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Hello All,
I've had a C5-C7 fusion in 2006..just had another MRI done..not sure what the results sounds pretty mild, but the pain is pretty bad..

Any input would be appreciated!!!

P.S. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


HISTORY: Numbness and tingling all over the boy, including the head. Muscle spasms in both shoulders and arms. Pain in the neck extending into shoulders and arms. Cervical fusion in May of 2006.

PROCEDURE: Multiple MR images of the cervical spine were performed without and with IV Gadolinium contrast using our standard pulse sequences at 1.5 Tesla magnet. Current studies is compared to previous examination of 10/30/07.

FINDINGS: The cervical segments are satisfactorily aligned. There is straightening of the cervical lordosis. The cerebella tonsils are normal in position. There is no Chiari malformation. No abnormal cord signal is observed.

Segmental findings are described below:

C2: There may be incomplete osseous fusion of the dens to the C2 body as there is an area of low signal that may represent a fibrous union. Dedicated CT evaluation with 3D reconstructions may be helpful.

C2-3: No evidence of disc herniation, central spinal or foraminal narrowing is observed.

C3-4: No disc herniation or central spinal stenosis is observed. There is facet degeneration contributing to mild bilateral C4 foraminal narrowing.

C4-5: Mild spondylotic changes are seen. The AP diameter of the canal is narrowed to a 9mm indicating mild spinal stenosis. No foramina stenosis identified.

C5-6: There is instrumentation with fusion associated with a disc graft. Dorsal hypertrophic spur persists causing narrowing of the AP diameter of the central spinal canal to 9.5mm indicating a borderline spinal stenosis. No foraminal stenosis is observed.

C6-7: A bone graft is identified within the intervertebral disc. There is ventral fusion by the metallic plate. No spinal or foraminal stenosis is observed.

C7-T1 No evidence of disc herniation, or central spinal stenosis is seen. No foramina stenosis is observed.


1. Status post instrumentation and fusion at the C5-6 and C6-7 levels is associated with mild spinal stenosis at the C4-5 level above the fusion site.

Borderline spinal stenosis at the C5-6 level due to a dorsal hypertrophy spur. No obvious foramina stenosis observed. However, this area is poorly depicted on MR because of extensive metallic artifact from a ventral plate and adjacent spurs. No obvious foramina stenosis is seen.

Bone graft is identified within the intravetebral disc at the C6-C7 level. This area is also ventrally fused by the metallic plate and degraded by metallic artifact. No spinal or foramina stenosis is seen.

2. No enhancing canal, cord or vertebral body lesion is observed following administration of contrast.

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