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Thanks.. I do get massage regularly. Generally they dont want to touch the area at all as its too close to the spine, but have noted very tight shoulder muscles particularly on that side.

As an update to my post, I saw a chiropractor today - one specializing in biofeedback and traction.. primarily though to get x-rays and quickly. Ill have results tomorrow. They promised to call tonight if it was a cyst or tumor. I am hoping to know more tomorrow and appreciate the time you took to write. Ill let everyone know what happens regardless in case this helps someone in the future.

[QUOTE=SpineAZ;3713900]Have you tried massage therapy at all? If you have some muscle tension from bad ergonomics the massage can definetly help. If the problem is persistent you'll want to see your doctor for an exam and xrays. If the xrays show anything or if your symptoms are indicative of some disc problems your doctor may refer you to an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon or Neurosurgeon. In my case my primary care doctor did an MRI first and then upon the results referred me to an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon.[/QUOTE]

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