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Today is the three year anniversary of my surgery. I'm not 100%, don't know if its just nature, surgical issue or what. Makes me wonder if I would have had a better outcome if I went ACDF (C4-C7) or if I had gone to a bigger surgical center but frankly given the information I had then I would have made the same decision.

I've seen overall improvement in the past year - I have almost no numbness or cold feet - sometimes if I sleep in a weird position but it goes away quickly. The biggest problem is that I still don't walk properly. It's not muscular - its neurological - some doctors have said Parkinson's but while I have one classic PD symptom (my arm doesn't swing), the gait is not a parkinson's-like gait. (I see a motion-specialist neurologist who is on teaching staff of a university but if anyone has a suggestion of places to get another opinion, please advise)

MRI's in July 06 and Dec 07 both show some (significant) stenosis C5-C6 but they were evaluated as being "no change" between them. If a doc told me that another operation would help the gait, I'd consider it - it's very frustrating to be 50 and have walking problems - but I'm not sure its worth the risks to me unless they'd have a strong feeling it would help.

Meanwhile, I watch what I lift but I swim, do water weights, walk and go to Curves. I have played a little tennis. I tried golf but was uncomfortable with the motions.

Like many without major ongoing issues, I don't check the board often, but I try to look for people considering laminectomies versus ACDF.

Regards to all my old "board friends where ever you are" - hope you are in good health.

Gloria (Sunshine)

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