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Hi everyone,

I havenít posted for quite a while, but I feel like I am going nuts again! I have had an ACDF C5-6 Sept. 2006, and another one 9 mos. later, because the disc below was flattening my spinal cord, so they took out C6-7 on May 2007.

Iíve had nothing but pain, and more pain. I have now been in pain for the last 6 years, and Iím sick and tired of being sick and tiredÖ My current situation is:

C3-4: Grade I-II right foraminal to extraforaminal disc space protrusion. The right neural foramen is mildly to moderately narrowed.

C4-5: Disc narrowing and desiccation are present and slightly progressive. Grade I-II broadbased disc bulge. Broad-bassed right foraminal far lateral disc bulge, also producing mild to moderate foraminal narrowing.

C7-T1: There are nerve root sleeve cysts present adjacent to the C8 nerve roots or involving the C8 nerve roots in the lateral foramina at C7-T1 and also incidentally noted on the sagittal images on the right at T1-2, affecting the right T1 nerve root.

I have no way to tell anymore where the pain comes from? Could be nerve cysts, discís, facet disease, nerve damage, bone spurs, or ulnar nerve problems? Who knows! Iím real paranoid that my C4-5 is going to collapse, and flatten my spinal cord just like C6-7 did 9 months after my first surgery, but how would I even know, because the pain I have now is worse than when that disc was flattening my spinal cord.

When I wake up in the mornings my arms, and hands are soooo numb, and hurt so bad that it takes almost half the day for me to have any sort of feeling in them. My neck hurts so bad in the middle of the night that I will have dreams of being in a car accident. I also have horrible migraine like headaches. Working is unbelievable hard, and no one understands anymore. Iím so frustrated, and just do not know what to expect anymore? How long will my C4-5 disc stay the way it is?

I think that they are afraid to operate, because my adjacent discs fall apart so fast, so my doctor wants me to get more wear and tear out of it.

Advice anyone?

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