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Hi! Doing well.. it's been nice to see others going through similar procedures at the same time! We've come a long ways... !

I washed the soft collar given to me at the hospital yesterday and put on one I had bought from Walgreens.. the Walgreens one is a bit larger/bulkier, but actually feels a lot more supportive. I am guessing I may be reluctant when its time to totally stop using it.. definitely does provide some security.

I am keeping up on my meds... still some discomfort, nothing too major. The location of the pain is the .. upper back... geez, what do you call it? Basically from the base of the neck out towards the shoulders... that's where it gets tense and sore. Perc's and valium to help with that. Otherwise, in pretty good shape.

Burping still feels kinda of 'weird'... can't pinpoint/explain real well what the feeling is.. its just different... but not a big deal.

I am at work right now! (office job). I drove for the first time since surgery today... went OK. I was careful... as careful as I could be. Nice to drive again!! I am going to head home early afternoon after being here about 6 hours.. more just walking around talking to people than anything else. Tomorrow I will work from home and Wednesday plan on coming back in again.. Thursday and Friday, not sure.. either work from home or come in. I can do pretty much everything from home, so no huge need to physically be here.

I've been at work for about 3 hours.. a little bit wiped out. Could go for a nap! Yesterday I started doing probably a bit too much.. cleaning / bending down / reaching to clean stuff.. nothing major, but its getting more and more difficult to refrain from activities.

I go for x-rays Oct 16. At that time I think I'll be done with the collar and will likely start PT shortly thereafter.. about 10-12 visits. Sleeping still basically sucks.. 2.5 hours is the most I usually do in a row.. I have been laying on my back, which I didn't do pre-surgery.. ugh!
Actually some of the best sleep I have had... is, after I take some meds, I sit on the couch, with a pillow up against the wall where my head is.. I am essentially sitting up.... then fall asleep like that.
At night I'll sleep for a couple of hours.. wake up.. then sleep for another couple of hours. If I don't get up and move around or take meds in between, the shoulders are quite sore in the AM...

I had this glue stuff on the incision ... it's getting close to coming off.. not sure how raw/what kind of shape the incision site will be.. is there anything I should apply to the site? Vitamin E??

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