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I received the results from my cervical mri yesterday. I'm currently seeing a chiropractor, but am wondering if I should be seeing a ortho physican. I haven't seen any improvement yet, if anything the pain seems worse.
Here are the mri results.

At C4-5 level, there is a large right paramedian disc protrusion and endplate changes are identified, with anterior dural sac compression and moderate to severe, bilateral neural foraminal stenosis.

At C5-6 level, broad based disc bulge and right posterior disc protrusion is renoted, with anterior dural sac compression, moderate to severe right side and moderate left side neural foraminal stenosis.

At C6-7 level, again there is broad based disc bulge and endplate hypertrophic changes are identified, with anterior dural sac compression and mild to moderate bilateral neural formaminal stenosis.

At C7-T1, bilaterally neural foramen is adequately patent, and there is no significant central canal stenosis.

1. Multilevel disc degeneration, disc contour abnormality and related osseous changes are identified, relatively severe at C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7 levels, with dural sac compression and neural forminal stenosis as described.
2. Paraspinal soft tissues are normal in signal intensity. The spinal cord is unremarkable.

I was really trying to take in all the information he was giving me, but really all he said that stuck with me is that I really had alot to complain about. Could someone help explain the results to me, and suggest if I should stay with the Chiro for a while or consult with a different dr. Thanks in advance.

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