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God bless you both, without the support here I would go abit crazy. I had the MRI wed. night & have not heardyet not sure how long it takes for the PM to get the results. I will say that my entire back hurts, some hip pain along with the entire upper back, so go figure. I am confused as heck. I just wish the entire back was done then I could say lets look at something like the SNS or what ever. I do know I have alot of pressure in that back of mine. Both shoulders hurt but so does the hip area, strange. Something is causing all this pain in the back & neck, the pain can go all the way up around the ear & linger.
There is talks of lay offs to boot at my husbands work so that now I feel like I have to really figure out what is wrong here. Have not been able to work at all so that has me really worried. My husband just broke down & told me last night. When it rains it pours.
I just am fed up with all the guessing & need to know whats going on in there.
When the headaches start I can feel a bulge in my neck, like one of the disc or something is protruding, one side of the neck can be much harder then the other. Perhaps like a constant muscle spasm. I am just so confused & worried that until one of these doctors figure it out the pain will just increase.

I could not turn my head at all the morning I went into ER, I never had such pain, even with a migraine, it was constant pressure & was restricting all movement of the head & neck. Even my eyes hurt to move them. I am really scared of getting that again. I was just vomiting with the pain. I cant go through that & be left wondering, you know. I will have to let them go ahead with a spinal & check for MS & that soon if nothing is found. I have two family members with MS so it scares me. I am going to start peeking on the back board to just to take a look. Bless you & you dont know how much I appreciate your support. Sammy

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