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Re: Acdf
Oct 3, 2008
Wow.. thanks so much for your post. I was reading some other post here and I got really freaked out about the recovery. How are you feeling now? Im really happy to hear that you recovered so fast, I first started planning on only being off work for three months then after reading these post I thought six months. Id love to have six months off but recover in three that would be amazing. Do they have to do another surgery on you? and what stops the fusion from creating more future fusions?
Re: Acdf
Oct 6, 2008
I have been really surprised reading about recovery and ACDF surgery on here too. My recovery was basically only 2 weeks and I never had to wear a collar or have physical therapy. My surgeon seemed to think that the collar only made your neck weak and that prolongs your recovery. Every doctor is different though I suppose. As far as I have seen I think I am the only one on here that didn't have a collar of some type though...and it worked great for me. I was planning on being off work for at least 6 weeks, but went back at 2 weeks.
I have been feeling really good until recently when I started hurting again...LOL...but my fusion and everything that was done is June is good... no problems with it. I go back to the surgeon on Friday to do tests to see if the other disc is bad or what...hopefully it isn't anything too bad this time...
My surgeon told me that sometimes when you have a fusion it puts more pressure on the discs surrounding them for a while and that is what causes the others to go bad sometimes, especially if they are already a little messed up like mine was. I will let you know what I find out on Friday from the surgeon...if I have to have another surgery or hopefully something else will help..
I still recommend the surgery and I have no limitations and there is nothing that I can't do now...that I did before the surgery anyway...LOL...Joyce

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