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I also had a ACDF from C5-7 on September 12. I am wearing an Aspen collar, and will have this new fashion accessory on me for 6 weeks. I was on a liquid diet for the first 2 weeks and am now on soft foods. My throat gets tired by the end of the day thus making it more difficult to swallow than in the morning. I was fine till the 10th day after surgery when my C6-7 nerves went into "electric shock" and are causing me the worst pain ever! All of this my surgeon says is normal. My nerves were compressed for so long they are now in shock as they try to regenerate. My neck and shoulder muscles are screaming at me all day long. Again, completely normal as my neck motion is restricted by the collar. I finally surrendered and am taking codeine elixir with tylenol 3X a day. I am allergic to all the other pain med options.
Everyones body reacts differently to this surgery, but aches and pains seem to be a common denominator for the first 6 weeks. Try to be patient and best of luck!! Martha

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