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honestly,you simply NEED that MRI done asap. something is very obviously wrong here that NEEDS to be identified and treated APPROPRATELY for whatever is causing such over the top pain in there. i really do feel for you and how you are being treated. i seriously would seek out another primary doc who WILL give a rats butt about your suffering. this has gone on wayyy too long already without even an MRI to go on to really SEE what is actually going on in your c spine?? i am willing to bet that is where the underlying problem lies just given your radiculopathic types of symptoms.

if you actually go to a PM doc,i would say that they would want to get that MRI asap just so they really know what it is they are trying to treat. that part has not yet even been done,an actual Dx of your ongoing symptoms. this could be an actual surgical situation that wont get better until whatever is compromising nerves in there just gets relieved,you know what i mean? this is really sick in the way you have NOT been treated,really sick. i do think just obtaining that one MRI,preferably with a contrast agent,would show exactly what the real problem is up there. i am kind of suprised that even the ER wouldn't at the very least have done simple x rays on you either. whats up with the overall healthcare where you live???

i would simply demand that MRI be done at this point. it should have been done at the very beginnig when you had to go back to your doc the second time,ya know? you just have every indication of nerve root compression or something that is very much affecting the nerves up in your c spine. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that much,ya know? i would simply tell your doc that this has gone on long enough without an actual Dx of the cause and tell the idiot that you NEED and want an MRI done now. you are simply tired of the ongoing suffering and the overall effects this 'unknown' condition is having on your life. it just needs to be done and like i said,it SHOULD have been done long ago on you just to ID the actual problem. to keep denying you the one in depth test that would most likely have shown whats up in there a very long time ago is just so sick,really.

you need to start really advocating for yourself at this point since no one on your healthcare team appears to be doing it for you or even seems to care what is actually causing this ongoing hell you have been living in. sometimes we just have to take control for our own health and sometimes we have to get demanding. in your case,i would just be so dang angry at this point i would TELL your doc to refer you for that MRI NOW. if for some sick reason they wont even do that for you,seek out another more caring doc. this is just pathetic. that one simple test would just show what is going on up there,and thats the key. a Dx of what is causing all this. this is pretty involved just given what you have stated as ongoing symptoms and someone should have just sent you for the MRI by now to find the cause. pretty simple for them to do ya know?

i would make an appt with your primary and lay it all out on the line for them. you simply NEED to know the source and casue of your symptoms with an MRI,period. this is almost a negligence type of situation,geez. get a clue doc?? i do hope they will finally see the actual need for the MRI and just do the right thing here for you. please let me know what happens,K? if you have to get demanding,then do it. you just really have to know at this point what is going on in that c spine. i wish you all the luck in the world with that doc. please keep me posted. marcia

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