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do NOT go back to that chiro for ANY more adjustments until you have actually gotten that MRI that would show what is actually going on in there. the chiro in some cases can actually make things worse,much worse for some of the unfortuneate people who did not obtain that MRI but went ahead with adjustments and are now paralyzed becasue the chiro simply did not know how severe that patients problems were(there are also many other things that can occur that are not good). in this particular case it is much much better to be safe than sorry,really. any adjustments done on an unstable spine can just casue a domino effect,where on thing just affects the thing next to it and so on and so on. its simply the fact that there are 'unklnowns' inside that spine area down to the cord ya know? if you do indeed have an actual herniation there any adjustments,if not done exactly perfectly could actually "cause" more compression upon a persons cord or create root impingement where there was none simply cannot 'undo' any adjustment once its been done.

you just NEED that MRI before you do anything else here,espescially with that chiro. there are so many different possibilities that could be affecting nerves,nerve roots and the spinal cord itself that you just need to be very careful right now. getting that MRI would at least let you know what is going on and what should and should not be done right now. once you have obtained that MRI,you really need to have an eval and consult with an actual neurosurgeon just to define the problem areas and ask what options you have and if it is safe for you to even go back to that chiro. it all depends upon what the hard findings are in that MRI,ya know what i mean? this is just an area where you do not want to take any chances. the results could be devistating to you and your family. i live with a spinal cord injury every day and it pretty much rules me and what i do or don;t do now. trust me,you do not want to there.

just proceed with caution til you have had that area MRIed,preferably with a contrasting agent,it just shows certain areas much more clearly that do not always show up really well without it being used. the fact that it does appear your symptoms seem to be actually progressing and not getting better really just ups that need to have the MRI to see whats going on in there. i would seriously try and get in to see your primary for the MRI referral as soon as you can. you just really have no clue at all what is going on inside any area of your body,including that spinal area and cord,til you can at least obtain that scan of it. hopefully you can get that MRI done asap so at least you will have an idea of just what you are dealing with. please keep me posted as to what you find out,but please stay away from that chiro til you at least know whats up. whatever actually shows up on that MRI would dictate whether even going back to see that chiro is in your best interest right now. that c spine is just such a hugely innervated area(unlike the rest of the spine) that runs or governs alot of the nerves that go into and out of the actual cord. it all takes place mostly around the c7 thru t1 area. there is a junction there. please let us know what you find out,K? i am not trying to scare,you,just trying to make you aware of the consequecnces of basically blind adjustments without the benefit of just knowing whats there. marcia

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