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pain shooting down from both shoulders all down both arms
red, I have the same. Its so painful, cant raise either arms some days. Can you tell me alittle more of what your experiancing? Have you had it looked at. I am currently in the process of trying to get a diagnosis. Hope to hear from you. Sammy
Disc problems in the neck can cause these type of symtpoms. I have pain on my left side that radiates all the way down to my fingers and includes numbness and tingling in a few of the fingers. On the right side it only radiates to my bicep. If the symptoms continue you should see your doctor.
this does seem to be a problem involving the deiscs around your neck. that kind of pain comes from the discs in your sppine herniating and putting pressure on the nerves that lead to your arms. i have herniated discs in my lower back and it causes pain to run down my left leg. my mom had the same condition you had, and eventually had disc-replacement surgery and it was very succesful.

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