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Hi again Sammy:
We were both on here the other night. I am feeling much better today, sorry your not. But I just wanted you to know that the pain you are describing is what sent me to the ER. The muscles on either side of the spine at shoulder blade level are giving you grief because of a prob. at c5-c6. I was like you, I thought it would be at thoracic level. Try searching "c5-c6". You will find out that is where your prob. is. That is where my probs started. I have severe foraminal stenosis on he left side. The nerve coming out of the c5-c6 vertebra got pinched. I elected not to have surgery - one doc. wanted to operate another didn't. My back has gotten worse and I have picked up other symptoms since. Get that MRI report (not films) and get it in front of a neurosurgeon asap. Also get 2 of those blue ice packs (big ones) and freeze the hell out of your back before bedtime, sometimes I go to sleep on one and if I wake up before the alarm I will swap out for a new one. Ice is primitive but it works. Heat will make you spasm! Anyways I gotta go. Talk to you soon! This to shall pass! Matt

[QUOTE=sammyo1;3766796]Hello everyone, As you can see I am on this board alot lately.
My back is really hurting, right under the shoulder blades (scapulas) & I swear the pain is increasing daily. Feels like someone has it in a vice. It can cause the entire back to hurt all the way into the neck & down. The pain was so bad last evening we had a 40 minute ride home from church & friends I could not even think. I could not wait to get out of the car into the bed, My husband has rubbed my back down for the last 2 nights. When he gets to directly under the scapula area on both sides it really is tender.
It is constant pain & has me scared. He is picking up the cobra on the insurance today & I am rescheduling the surgeon appointment. My PM is on vacation for 2 weeks. Figures. I am really getting scared. My back was never a big issue as far as pain. My neck hurts more then ever to. I cant believe how painful it is. I could not rest my back against the bench in church, just to sore. The meds are not really helping me much at all.
I am going to try to pick up the MRI results soon as I can. I am not waiting for my next PM appointment. I am more afraid it wont show anything.I dont want to drive unless I have to. I had to increase work because of my husbands lay off & just did so this week, what rotten timing.
I cant figure out if it is in the thoracic or cervical.
I prayed all the way home, kind of meditated to get me home. So much pain could not remember the prayers. I usually can stay calm but this is new & its just going up (pain level) & has me scared.
I will try icing today most of day along with moist heat. At times the heat can make my neck feel worse but maybe it will help the back.
Anyone experiance anything like this? Any opinions & does anyone know if a myelgram (not sure if spelled correctly) or any other tests can pick up anything missed by an MRI?
I appreciate any input. Sammy[/QUOTE]

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