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sammy hon, one huge thing you have to keep in mind here along with other possibilities that may show themselves upon that MRI(god i HOPE so) is the simple fact that you were never ever even able to really rehab that shoulder from the git go,remember? i know you do unfortunetly. believe me sammy,i am even at this stage STILL rehabbing mine and still making tiny increments of progress,even this far out. i really really think that part of your underlying issues right now(the tightness gripping feeling) is related solely to muscle crap,ya know? i can still remeber how my shoulder ands that whole area even up thru the base of my skull kept feeling soo overtightened for so long while actually going thru the hands on part of PT that you were just not able to do becasue of the other problems. it DOES make a huge difference hon,really huge. i know it did with me so i am thinking you are probably the same there?

the simple fact that your muscle issues have just kept progressing and getting worse i really do think that shoulder not returning to full capascity or even beginning to just pull out all the wads of tightness you have and the ungodly trigger points i just KNOW you would have to have,well that could be a huge reason for the impact it is having now ya know? i can just imagine your upper back and the mid areas turning into this tight little ball of pain as all those unstrechable muscles continue to keep getting tighter and tighter. not having the hands on part of the PT i just really do think,when i see how my progression has been and what i used to have(remember when we both felt the very same things?)is having a much greater impact on your neck,upper back and your arms than you may actually think hon. i really do. if i miss even one wek with my PT guy,.things get really over tight and pretty ugly in here,mostly in the upper. i simply and you too,NEED to have stretches done on a regular basis but your pain issues create this viscous cycle where you just keep looping around and around this same crap,you know what i mean? you simply cannot rehab properly becasue it fires off too much crap anytime you go over a certain limit. you are just stuck in this damn cycle that WONT allow to fully rehab an area that i can tell you hon,without my PT being part of this whole surgery rehab thing,i would NOT even be able to lift my arms above my head either. that much i do know.

hopefully getting thse results will at least give you a direction to go in,but at the same time,i really do think just getting SOME level of possibly even myofascial release at the this point would help you SO much sammy,really. just as long as they take things VERY slowly with you,the myo is such a low impact lay your hands on type of therepy,i really do think it would help some with at least getting some of that horrid muscle tightness to at least give some and allow you movement again ya know? the combo of PT and that myo release is what enabled me to get back my ROMS,that much i KNOW. he has had to go very lightly and slowly with me just becasue of the very high overall body tone i have,and it still works for me hon. i just think this part of your rehab needs to be looked into at least to a point. this really sounds like soooo much wound up muslce tissue that just has not actually been able to strech out for HOW LONG NOW? this just really sounds to me sammy like alot of muscle crap,at least that overtightened part and what that in and of itself just casues for us. that rotator surgery,despite having six others, was by far the worst of the worst as far as what it took away and what had to be rehabbed for me. these were all ortho surgeries pretty much too. my spinal cord surgery was whole different ballgame.

please le me know ASAP what that MRI showed when hubby gets it,K? hang in there sweetie,marcia
hey sammy,do not count on if something were up your PM would have called by now stuff. it just doesn't always happen that way. alot depends upon how much time and even IF your PM actually even got or even saw the reports yet,ya know? you just need to find out what the major findings were and go from there. i cannot believe you are still managing to work thru all this hon,wow,you ARE my hero sweetie. but on the other hand,it does give your mind something else to concentrate on other than sitting at home worrying and just feeling crappy about everything. but i do have to hand it to ya sammy,you are one strong woman.

despite the fact your hubby could not find actual TPs back there,they are there somewhere at this point,they would have to be. i KNOW you have at least one or two under the scapula. this is one of my worst areas since the surgery to get TPs. you cannot always feel them,it all depends upon where they are located and just how deep they are(yours just could be much much deeper by now but would have started more right under the skin),but they would have to be there just given the no PT thing hon. it all kind of follows a course all set by just not being able to pull out the wads underneath bones,like that scapula. and then theres that damn joint crap too. my bigger worry for you right now is frozen shoulder. i know you know what that is. when you simply cannot do full ROMS,that joint starts building that capsule,along with scar tissue that ends up stopping all movement in certain directions. at this point,it just could be playing a big part in why you simply cannot raise your arms above your head,ya know what i mean?

when you just read thru some of your past posts,like two months out from our surgeries,to now,you have gotten so much worse over this time,just with the muscle crap hon. you already had something just feeding this and firing it all up,but things were also much more loose at that time. think about then vs now sammy,i am willing to bet that overtightened feeling is like ten times worse than it was back then. when my PT does that myofascial,it is very very relaxing and done so lightly and non violent,i just think this could really really help with at least taking out the overall tightness of those muscles back and up there at this point. nothing gets "pressed' hard or yanked or pulled during the myo therepy,it is really gentle therepy that i don;t think would fire up all that past crap like regular PT has done,its just a totally different type of therepy that the therpist does at YOUR pace and your body tone. any real work on you would simply have to be done the way mine is,very gentle and only to a certain pioint or things flare up on me. i just have high spasticity to deal with. but any good myo therepist just knows the clients body and what will create problems and go accordingly.

honestly sammy,when my PMs NP first told me about this guy she wanted to refer me to for the myo and cranial,i had no real clue what to expect or even what this involved at all. much to my suprise,it was the best thing i could have done for me and my over tightened body parts. i didn;t realize just how bad even my crap was til he started "unwinding' my CNS. thats when i could really really tell just how much real progress had been made. when it came time for that rotator surgery i just went back to this same guy,luckily he is the head therepist at this group so he had the final say in it. he has been my sole rehab person who slipped in the myo and the cranial as needed during my rehab time from that shoulder surgery. i seriously lucked out at having already had this guy working on my body before that surgery happened,or i really don;t think i would be at where i am at right now,in fact i know i would not be here at this level of having ROMS back. it has been a very long hard road just getting to where i am at right now. god sammy,i just KNOW you have to have sooo much over involvement of those muscles in all this,just given how you describe all this,the ongoing progression,and what i KNOW i have felt and gone thru too,JUST from the surgical rehab standpoint alone. it has been the myo therepy that has really made the overall difference in me just even being able to do what is supposed to happen at the shoulder joint again. i already had a huge mess going on up there in my c spine,the damn base of my skull headaches and the constant TP crap all way before my rotator surgery. it all just feeds off each other and creates like super muscle crap and super pain. i just think if you can swing it hon,the myo therepy would probably be the best possible way to at least begin to try and get things moving up there agin and loosen up all that wadded up stuff that has just accumulated over this time span from surgery til now. i just know what i had and you have to have pretty much the same level of crap just from the surgery,let alone all the other crap that has decided to join the fun up there. this all could be what is causing the lower back crap too. the thing you have to remember about that fascia hon is it is all interconnected as one big spiderweb sheet, so having what you have,and the overall severity of it very well could be flaring up the muslces under it too. this has just been going on long enough to have started to affect pretty much anything connected to that upper area,which would include the low back muscles too ya know?

go back and see if you can find the earlier threads we had post op and really look at how this has all progressed for you over time(alot of muscle crap there). i really think you will be kind of suprised at how down hill this has gotten from the days back when we were using our torture chairs? its kind of like a diary for us that we just wrote down our problems and progress. i do think it would help you to really see where you are at right now from where you once were. this could help hon. just read thru that stuff when you can,K? i just think ALOT of this right now,is from not being able to simply really use those muscles for so flippin long sammy,and when you combine that with other possibilities,well,you get the type of mess you have been forced to have to deal with here. the muscle crap just makes everything ten times worse just that alone.

i just sooo want to hear something positive happen for you after having soo much crap going on for so flippin long. please let me know just what the reports state when you get them. Marcia

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