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I have a question, if anyone can help. I am seeing an Orthopedist next week and can ask him as well, but thought I'd try ya'll first. I had my C5-6 acdf 6 months ago, am fused and decompressed, and doing pretty good with my neck recovery. However, I went mini golfing with hubby, son, and son's friend & his family last weekend and since then have been having constant pain, stiffness, and problems with my upper back, L shoulder and the lower part of my neck. I have mini golfed once before w/o any problems afterward, but am left to assume the golfing was the impetus for how I'm feeling now. I don't golf 'normal' b/c of my neck and back problems and am very mindful of my posture, not bending, twisting, etc when putting (b/c of this, btw, I seriously suck and got like a 66 for score in mini-golf). I bend at the knees to lower myself enough for my club to touch the ground without having to bend forward at the waist and I do not lean forward to putt, just swing my club while erect (it's funny looking, but kept me from having any problems afterward the first time I went). I thought it was muscular, just sore, strained muscles and it may be, but it's lasted 5 days and only worsened, not lessened. I've taken pain meds, muscle relaxants, anti-inflamms, used ice & heat, rested & done PT exercises trying to help. Nothing is improving it. It is sharp, like a piercing pain between my shoulder blades and a bit above and below-- and makes moving my upper back difficult (esp when driving, to turn and look). For comparison sake, my son also had problems after golfing. He has problems with his feet, not his spine like I do, but he had pain and trouble afterward in his feet, like I did with my upper back and lower neck. He was better 2 days ago, though and I'm worse off now 5 days after the fact. Any thoughts on if it is just muscle problems b/c of the golf, taking a long time to work out, or what??
Thanks for any responses,

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