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My appt with my Orthopedist was changed due to surgery he had to perform that day. I don't see him 'til next Monday, but have worsened and am miserable. I've tried to get in earlier and have called my neurologist as well, but cannot get in to see either one. My stiffness and pain became sharp, piercing pain (like a knife blade) and fierce burning. It moved up to 8,9,and even 10 and has left me in tears at one point (in public, unfortunately). I'm back to taking meds constantly rather than just once a day as I had been prior --and they don't take the pain away, only cut it down a bit. I'm resting with ice a lot, but am really miserable and don't understand what's going on. I'm inclined to believe it is NOT muscular at this point and not even related to the mini golf. I did have to brake fast a week ago to avoid a squirrel and was thrust forward and back, so maybe that worsened things, I don't know. It's frustrating that I can't get in to see either doc and I would love it if anyone could suggest what the pain locale and type might be (between my shoulder blades up to the 'ball' at the base of my neck -and down my arms, too). The burning is severe, more severe than any burning pain I've had before and I've never felt this sharp, piercing, stabbing before -hate it. The pain and numbness in my arms, that I'm use to.

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